The Maker

Kris, the Maker in The Basement Woodshop, is focused on creating pieces that are beautiful, well-constructed and practical.

I build things, make stuff, and come up with creative ways to fix anything broken -- My skills in a nutshell.  As far back as I remember I’ve always loved building things, taking things apart to see how they work, and putting them back together.

My first woodworking project came about when we needed a bunk bed for our children.  I searched the web to find a build plan that would fit our requirements.  I saw that Jay Bates of did a video on the bunk beds he made.  From his website, I purchased the plan for the bunk beds, and started building.  While making the bunk beds, I realized that woodworking is something that I not only enjoy but love.

Since then I have made other items including, but not limited to, side tables, pot rack, bookcases, television stand, bar stools, chairs, picture frames, spoons, paper towel holders, pantry cabinets, cutting/serving boards, pizza peels, boxes, dominoes, and monster trucks.  Being a self-taught woodworker, I enjoy learning and developing my craft and overcoming the challenges each new project brings.

Circa 2016, The Basement Woodshop was born in our Phoenixville, Pennsylvania basement as a hobby shop, but has since been transformed into a full-time, family-run business.  Since the beginning we strive to create quality, handmade items that are both useful and beautiful.