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Product Care - Cutting Boards

Please ONLY wash with soap and hot water on both sides, then towel dry and leave to completely air dry standing on its edge. NEVER immerse or soak in water and NEVER clean in dishwasher – This will make the board ‘cup/twist.’ 

Meat slicing should be done on a separate board from vegetables to prevent bacteria contamination.  If you have cut something with a strong smell like garlic or onion, use some white vinegar to de-odor the board.  With stains, scrub with baking soda/salt and lemon, rinse, and then dry completely.

On occasion the cutting boards will become dry.  When this happens, simply apply The Basement Woodshop Wood Butter or other wood conditioner to the entire dry board.  If the cutting board gets heavily scratched or has a rough feel from washing, it can be sanded smooth again with 220 grit or finer sand paper.

Store your cutting board by placing it on its edge.  If properly maintained, your cutting board will last for years.

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